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Here are the characters in the show.

(These are the English names)

Name Red
Age Green
Lives in Blue
Description Purple


Name: Ash Ketchum
Age: 10
Lives in: Pallet Town
Description: The main character of the show is an energetic and determined 10-year-old on his Pokemon journey. Anxious to become the best, Ash wants more than anything to become the world's greatest Pokemon Master. With the help of his friends, Ash is constantly trying to catch up with Gary, his snotty rival from his hometown, Pallet Town. Ash's Pokemon come in all different varieties, unlike his themed companions.

Name: Professor Oak
Age: 60
Lives In: Pallet Town
Description: He's Gary Oak's grandfather and his job is to provide some guidance for Ash and other Pokemon trainers. Professor Oak- one of the world's most respected Pokemon experts, Professor Oak lives in Ash's hometown. Absentminded, eccentric, and friendly, the Professor is always ready to provide advice to Ash and his friends. Completely oblivious to Ash's rivalry with Gary, he usually finds some way to brag about his grandson, usually spurring Ash to work even harder.

Name: Gary Oak
Age: 10
Lives in: Pallet Town
Description: Ash's Rival. He's very determined to become the greatest Pokemon Master in the world. A real jerk, Gary is another trainer from Pallet Town. Self centered, vindictive, and obnoxious, Gary obviously feels threatened by Ash and always goes out of his way to make Ash feel bad. The grandson of Professor Oak, Gary fancies himself as a veritable Pokemon savant and always has a large entourage following him to hype his very existence . Gary's setting himself up for a big fall at the hands of Ash, and don't expect anyone to cry when it happens.

Name(s): Jesse, James, Meowth
A.K.A.: Team Rocket!
Age: 12
Lives in: Town across Sunnyside
Description: They want to capture Ash's Pikachu, and collect other rare Pokemon as well.- Prepare for trouble, make it double...Jesses, James, and Meowth are the three bumbling field agents for Team Rocket, a mysterious and evil gang looking to steal rare Pokemon. Jesse and James are stuck up, fashion conscious, and prone to cross-dressing. Their introductory chant, while said once almost every episode, always receives a humorous spin to prevent it from getting old. Meowth is a Pokemon that, oddly enough, can actually talk like human. Together, they try their hardest to capture Ash's Pikachu, but they always ultimately fail.

Name: Misty
Age: 10
Lives in: Cerulean City
Description: Pretty conceited and whiny, Misty is one of the former Cerulean City gym leader and specializes in water Pokemon. Origionally, she joined Ash just because she wanted something back for the bike that he had destroyed. Misty's taken a liking to the journey itself. Constantly quarreling with Ash over anything.

Name: Brock
Age: 12
Lives in: Pewter City
Description: The eldest and wisest of the traveling trio. His love crazed emotions usually get the group in trouble. Formerly the leader of the Pewter City gym, Brock specializes on rock Pokemon. Although he's great in Pokemon battles, Brock aspires to be the world's best Pokemon "Breeder".

Name: Pikachu
Age: ??
Lives in: Originally given to Ash by Professor Oak in Pallet Town
Description: Pikachu is one of the main characters of the Pokemon TV series and is also Ash's best friend and Pokemon. An adorable electric-type Pokemon, Pikachu loyally defends his friends Ash, Misty, and Brock and stands up for all Pokemon-kind. Like all other Pokemon, Pikachu can only communicate by repeating his name over and over with his cute, baby-like voice. Pikachu is constantly pursued by the evil, Team Rocket.