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!!!My New Fake Pokémon!!!

This is a section about some NEW Pokémon/Pokémon Characters that I have created! I made them all myself! The ones at the bottom I didn't make! If you want I will put up the make I used to make the fake Pokémon.

Click here to download the maker!


First there will be the picture then a short description of what that Pokémon is or etc.


Its a mix!

OOOKKKAAAYYYY...This is probably the weirdest Pokémon I have maken so far...Its a mix between a Clefable and a Jiggly puff. It is supposed to look cute but to me, all it looks like is PURE UGLYNESS!!! Hehe...

Cool, eh?

This one is one of my favorites I made. It started out being a Darth Vader "type-ish" Pokémon but then I changed the name so its only Dark Mew. It's supposed to be a Ghost and a Pyschic type Pokémon.

Not very original : (

This took a while to do. It looks kind of cool : ). It's not really a Pokémon. It's actually just humans... The weight and height are supposed to be the weight and height in all. Not much to say about these guys.


This one looks weird also. But hey, at least I tried : ). It's only supposed to be a Dodrio but with 4 heads instead of 3. (Get it? Trio = 3, Quad = 4???) Oh well, He isn't a very good Pokémon but at least he's at a high level : ).


STUPID!!! I don't know why I did this one, but I guess I was just bored... It looks FAKE!


Hehehe. Do you get it? Rapid --- Ash? Rapidash? Awwww, well I thought it was fairly funny : ). It's just Ash next to a Rapidash. Like in the episode, Flame Pokémon-Athon. Not very cool.

He he

HAHA! This one was made by pure boredom! It's a picture of Pikachu who shocked an old man who is now laying on the floor fainted. There is a crowd circling them seeing what happened. Wow! Even Gary is in this picture! BAD PIKACHU! BAD! BAD! Tee Hee. I think it looks totally fake. This picture was taken in Pokémon Yellow Version, by me, and then edited using paint, by ME!

That's all the pictures I have for you right now. I will have a lot more next time. Until then See Ya!

Okie dokie. These are a couple pictures that I thought looked fairly real that I found on other websites.

HA HA! THIS IS HILLARIOUS!!!! HA HA! It's a wild Pokémon. Lets find out who it is Pokédex!? ITS BILL CLINTON! HA HA!

HA HA HA!!! Same as above... : ).

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Whoa...Read this : ).

Okay... HA HA...Yea, evile scheme...

Yea, right! Look he has Oak, Mom, Aid, etc. Oh please! Of course this is fake!

Funny! This would be cool!

"Kick Ass!" HA HA! FUNNY!

Final Fantasy! Awwwww, it's the cute little birdy thingie in Final Fantasy!

Anyone ever play this game?

Looks like a Porygon as a chair!


OKAY! I will upload A WHOLE BUNCH MORE LATER! I have about 100 in all! I'll upload more later. I must go now! Here is a couple more for now to satisfy your cravings... This is for all you Dragon Ball Z Fans!!!