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Charizard's Uncommon Thoughts On Common Things


does Pikachu seem fat when depressed and skinny when happy?
does Squirtle have that funny looking tail?
does Snorlax remind me of a panda?
doesn't Pikachu explode when it touches water?
doesn't Pikachu shed fur?
does Hitmonchan wear those silly gloves?
does Hitmonlee seem like a Chicken Mcnugget with limbs?
doesn't Pidgeotto fly south with the other birds?
doesn't Psyduck take a tylenol?
doesn't Pikachu have a neck?
doesn't Moltres eggs become hard-boiled?
does Zapdos hair stick up, static electricy???
doesn't Articuno suffer from frost bite?
isn't there a job of pokemon catcher, like a dog catcher?
does Ash always get lost, even when their is a route?
is it that we never get to see what Diglett looks like under the ground!?
doesn't Brock's backpack slow him down?
does Jigglypuff have such big eyes?
doesn't Pikachu explode when he touches water? NEW!!! Sent in by Carlos


does Diglett scratch or slash without any hands?


Strange Things In The TV Show



Have you ever noticed those little mistakes in Pokemon the TV Show? Well I have! Here are some of the mistakes that the makers left behind when showing the Pokémon episodes.

In the Challenge of the Samurai, Ash's sleeping bag says "Satoshi". (Satoshi is Ashes Japanese name)

In Dig Those Diglett, when the dam-builder man was playing whack-a-mole at night, you can clearly hear the Diglett saying "Digda!Digda!" (their japanese name)

In Flame Pokémon-athon, before the comercial breaks, a lineup of the contestants is shown, and we see a girl riding NIDORINO, who after the comercial breaks is replaced by NIDORINA.

In one of the pokéraps, when they say POLIWRATH, they show a pic of POLIWAG, and when they say GRAVELER, they show GEODUDE

On the game, Dexter says that Ivysaur cant stand on its hind legs, but ironically,thats excactly what is doing!!!

In the episode "The Problem With Paras" they forgot to draw Ash's zipper and Misty's suspenders?

In Flame Pokémon-athon, when all the characters are walking in the market, before the Tauros incident, Ashes "Z" under his eyes are not there.

In Flame Pokémon-athon, Squirtle says his Japanese name a couple times when walking up the hill.


If you have any more mistakes that you know of that aren't up here please send them to me!

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