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Future of Pokémon

These facts are not all confirmed yet.

Ash does not become a Pokemon Master, but was pretty close (Charizard's fault)

Ash's Crabby evolves into a Kingler

Ash's Pidgeotto evoles into a Pidgeot

Ash's catches a Lapras and a Snorlax

Brock leaves and a Pokemon watcher named Kenji* groups up with Ash and Misty. 
*See below to see what episode he leaves*

Togepi learns some attacks

Ash and friends go and compete for badges in the Orange League

We learn that Jesse catches a Lickitung -&- James catches a Weepinbell

We find out why Meowth can speak.

*Kenji could be be the Japanese name (unconfirmed)


Gary gets a Growlithe. 

COOL!  Why Meowth can talk:

Along time ago, Meowth was in love with a female Meowth.  The female Meowth had a wealthy owner. Meowth was rejected by the female Meowth.  Meowth tried all that he could to impress the female Meowth.  Meowth taught himself to walk on his hind legs and to speak the human language.  Then Meowth took another shot at the female Meowth, but he got rejected again, because the female Meowth didn't like him, because he knew how to speak and walk on his hind legs. Later on he joined Team Rocket. 

Ash catches a Snorlax. 

Misty is secretly in love with Ash. 

Ash never evolves Pikachu. 

Ash is ranked #16 in the Pokémon League. 

Ash's Pidgeotto will evolve into Pidgeot and then leave. 

Mr. Mime will live in Ash's house. 

Brock is going to leave Ash to become pokémon breeder in episode 83. 

Misty's Psyduck will never evolve into Golduck. 

Ash will get to use Krabby and Muk in the Pokémon League. 

We will never get to see any of Gary's pokémon until the Pokémon League. 

Togepi is a strong pokémon for those of you who think he is weak. He has proven to be a very strong pokémon in episode 86.  He made a HUGE explosion happen with just his fingers.
*That must mean Togepi is a Psychic pokémon!*


I got a bunch of new ones!  Hope ya like em!  (Thanks to the Pokémon Zone!)

Kenji gets an old Scyther because it was injured. The old Scyther was thrown out of its clan and then Kenji wanted to heal it, capturing it. When it was cured, Team Rocket came and all the Scyther's of the old Scyther's clan battled. The old Scyther was sort of accepted back, but decided to go with Kenji instead.

The "Pokédex" was written by a Pokémon researcher named Nishinomori the 5th ("Westwood V" might be his US name...) and his fore fathers, later he figures out that the reason a Slowpoke and a Shellder combines to evolve into a Slowbro is because of symbiosis. A double shell Shellder will become a spiral shell Shellder when it attaches to the tail of a Yadon, increasing the balance of the Yadon allowing it to walk up right. Now the Yadoran can use it hands and the spiral Shellder can travel on land. Jesse will catch and lose her Shellder in this episode.

Mewtwo IS shown briefly in the episode where Satoshi goes back home, it shows the Rockets going back to the Rocket HQ and they see the base destroyed by Mewtwo. After that it shows Giovanni's face!

The other two Trainers from Pallet Town won't make it to the League.

Gary has a Doduo too.

Ash has the Lapras. He'll need to ride it to get around the archipelagos to get the Orange League Badges.

Before the Pokemon League Battle Ash will have 8 Badges while Gary will have 10 badges. Also, Ash has seen at least 100 types of Pokémon and only caught a few, while Gary has seen 60 tyes and caught at least 200.

Todd will appear in a few more episodes.

Togepi uses its Psychic powers to save Ash and the gang at one occasion.

Misty will probably not evolve Psyduck, an episode, she thinks that Psyduck evolved to Golduck, because Psyduck somehow disappeared and out came a Golduck. Later, she finds out that Psyduck didn't evolve and the Golduck only helped her because he liked pretty girls.

Ash will get all 8 Badges before Gary and will brag about it a lot.

The reason Mewtwo stops the fighting in Mewtwo Strikes Back is because he realizes both clones and the original pokemon are living and that he no longer has to prove that he is a legitimate Pokémon.

Ash wins his 7th Badge from Blaine in a battle between Charizard and Blaine's Magmar.

Ash, Misty, and Brock will journey back to Cerulean and participate in some sort of ballerina thing, but Team Rocket arrives. The Seel from the episode where Ash won his 2nd Badge fights off Team Rocket and evolves into a Dewgong. It defeats Team Rocket with help from Pikachu.

A Mr. Mime will live with Ash's family in their house.

Brock is going to leave Ash for good to actually DO his Pokémon Breeder goal and will research with a girl Professor on an island with Pokémon that will be shown in Gold and Silver.

More Badges! More GYMs! But this time, Pokémon don't battle, they use their techniques like Surf and stuff.

Most of the Pokémon Ash, Misty, and Brock have will hardly evolve. The only Pokémon that will evolve later on is Pidgeotto, who will evolve into Pidgeot when Ash is back in Pallet and gets into trouble with a Fearow. The Fearow is the Spearow from Episode 1, the one which Ash threw the rock at. A bunch of Pidgeys arrive to help out Ash and Pidgeotto evolves then. Soon a bunch of Spearows come too and the Pidgeys and Spearows battle. Of course the Pidgeys come out victoriuos, but the Spearows and Fearow may be back to terrorize the Pidgeys, and Ash's Pidgeot wants to stay with them to help out, so Ash loses his Pidgeot.

Ash and Gary will never battle. Along with that, we will never ever see what Pokémon Gary has, but it has to either be a Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle because if you remember from Episode 1, those three were taken by Gary and 2 other Trainers. Plus, if you remember from Episode 4, the Samurai's Challenge, the samurai talked about meeting three Trainers from Pallet, and one of them had to be Gary. I have heard that he has an Eevee, this may be true because Gary uses an Eevee as his starting Pokémon in the Yellow version.

The actual Pokémon series ends at Episode 83. Episode 83 and above are dealing with the introduction to Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Ash gets a new rival named Hiroshi, his name will be changed in America. Hiroshi is a nicer guy than Gary because Ash seems to like Hiroshi more, and they even hang out together, plus Hiroshi has a Pikachu too.

Once Ash uses Krabby, it'll evolve into a Kingler when Ash uses it in his first League Battle in the water and and Muk will be used in the Pokémon League to defeat a powerful Bellsprout.