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Gold & Silver

PokÚmon Gold/Silver is a new version of Pokemon for Game Boy. There are tons of new things in Gold/Silver that aren't in Red/Blue. I have listed some of the new features below:

- Over 250 Pokemon!
- You can now catch Pokemon at different times of the day! Like Night, and Day time. Some Pokemon our only available at certain times of the day!
- Breeding Pokemon. Why not make a new species?
- You can get a Skateboard to travel faster.
- You can choose from a Girl or Boy to start off with.
- There are new evolutions, like Slowking, and Pikablu.
- The game will be compatible with both Red and Blue versions. When you trade, lets say, a SlowKing, to a red version, it will evolve to a SlowBro, since in Red, they don't have the data for SlowKing.
- The Cartridges themselves will be colored Gold and Silver!
- Know any more facts about Gold/Silver?
E-mail them to me!

Here are some screenshots from Gold/Silver:

A scene of you walking around...

In a cave.

Inside one of the shops.

Route 1

Route 2

Route 3

PokÚdex - Clefairy

PokÚdex - Farfetch'd