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This was not writtin by me. Sorry if there are any grammatical errors.

Item Price Use

antidote 100 cures poison
awakening 200 wakes a sleeping pokémon
bicycle 1 000 000 (get bike voucher) gets you around faster then walking (needed for cycling road)
burn heal 250 heals burns
calcium 9800 increases special power permanently
carbos 9800 increases speed permanently
direct hit 950
elixer --- restores 10 PP on abilities
escape rope 550 teleports you to the last pokémon centre you've visited
ether --- restores 10 PP on one ability
fresh water 200 restores 50 HP
full heal 500 cures anything
full restore 3000 restores HP and curse of poison, paralysis, etc.
Guard Special 700 protects from specical attacks during one battle
HP up 9800 adds an extra HP permanently
hyper potion 1200 resores 200 HP
ice heal 250 cures frozen pokémon
iron 9800 increases defence permanently
lemonade 350 restore 80 HP
master ball get in Silph Co (only one) captures ANY wild pokémon
max elixer --- restores all PP on all abilities
max ether --- restores all PP on one ability
max potion 2500 restores all HP
max repel 700 stronger then super repel
max revive --- cures a fainted pokémon and restores all HP
paralyze heal 200 cures paralysis
poké ball 200 catches weak wild pokémon
poké doll 1000 makes enemy run away
potion 300 restores 20 HP
PP up --- adds a PP to the attack you choose
protien 9800 increases attack permanently
rare candy --- increases a pokémon by one level
repel 350 keeps wild pokémon away
revive 1500 curse fainted pokémon and restores half HP
safari ball 500 for 30 catches safari pokémon
soda pop 300 restores 60 HP
super potion 700 restores 50 HP
super repel 500 stronger type of repel
ultra ball 1200 catches pokémon too stong for a great ball
X accuracy 650 increases accuracy during one battle
X attack 500 increases attack durning one battle
X defend 550 increases defence during one battle
X special 350 increases special power during one battle
X speed 350 increases speed during one battle