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Hi Ash, Misty, & Brock!


English Pokémon Theme

I wanna be the very best,
like no one ever was.
To catch them is my real test,
to train them is my cause...
I will travel across the land,
searching far and wide,
Teach Pokemon to understand,
the power that's inside.
Pokemon...Gotta catch 'em all!!!
It's you and me...
I know it's my destiny!!!'re my best friend,
in a world we must defend!
Pokemon..Gotta catch 'em all!!!
A heart so true-
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I'll teach you!
Gotta catch 'em all!
Gotta catch 'em all!

Japanese Pokémon Theme (In Japanese)

Pokémon, get daze!
Tatoe hi no naka, mizu no naka, kusa no naka, mori no naka
Tuchi no naka, kumo no naka, ano ko no skirt no naka (kya!)
Naka naka naka naka
Naka naka naka naka taihen dakedo
Kanarazu get daze!
Pokémon get daze!
Masara Town ni sayonara bye-bye
Oreha koitsu to tabi ni deru (Pikachu!)
Kitaeta waza de kachi makuri
Nakama o fuyashite tugi no machi e
Itsumo itsudemo umaku yuku nante
Hoshou wa doko nimo naikedo (sorya sou ja)
Itsudemo itsumo honki de ikiteru
Koitu tachi ga iru
Ah, akogare no Pokémon Master ni
Naritai na, naranakucha
Zettai natte yaru

Japanese Pokémon Theme (Translation)

I'll go through flames, floods, weeds, forests...
The soil, clouds, and under the skirt of the girl (Screams)
And through here, through there...
And through here, through there...
A long long road to go..
To get pocket monsters...
Good bye my home..
I'm starting with the cute guy (Pika-chu!)
Win and win a trained ability,
Go to a new town with new friends
Sucess is not guaranteed
(a matter of course)
What's the matter?
You, monsters, always go all out
I'll go through flames, floods, weeds, forests,
The soil, the coulds and under the skirt of the girl (Forget it!)
And through here, through there
And through here, through there
A long long road to go
To get pocket monsters
Tired, I say goodnight
I close my eyes and am reminded (Pika-chu?)
That though fanned flames and a storm
Hearing you, monsters,
I battled
Old days they said, 'Yesterday's enemy is today's ally'
But today's ally is and aeon ally,
I wanna be a great pocket monster trainer!
...I should be!
I heard someone telling the dreams come true with the sound of music,
.....a bud would bloom...
....I would see my dream come true...

Salon Rocké Motto

To protect the world from boring fashion.
To dress all people with flash and passion.
To give all Pokémon pretty faces.
To extend our art to outer spaces.
Salon Rocké, when it comes to checks we know what's right.
Surrender your taste or prepare to fight.

Team Rocket Motto (Jesse and James)

Prepare for trouble.
And make it double.
To protect the world from devastation.
To unite all peoples within our nation.
To denounce the evils of truth and love.
To extend our reach to the stars above.
Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light.
Surrender now, or prepare to fight.
Meowth! That's right.

Team Rocket Motto (Butch and Cassidy)

Prepare for trouble and make it double.
To infect the world with devastation.
To blight all peoples in every nation.
To denounce the goodness of truth and love.
To extend our wrath to the stars above.
We're Team Rocket circling Earth all day and night.
Surrender to us now, or you will surely lose the fight.
That's right.