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Machine # What Attack Where To Find It

TM01--Mega Punch--Celadon Store ($3000)
TM02--Razor Wind--Celadon Store ($2000)
TM03--Swords Dance--Saffron City's Silph Co. (7th floor)
TM04--Whirlwind--Route 4 (after Mt. Moon)
TM05--Mega Kick--Celadon Store ($3000)
TM06--Toxic--Fuchsia City gym
TM07--Horn Drill--Celadon City (Rocket hideout in game corner)
TM08--Body Slam--S.S. Anne
TM09--Take Down--Celadon Store ($3000)
TM10--Double-Edge--Celadon City (Rocket hideout in Game Corner)
TM11--Bubblebeam--Cerulean City gym
TM12--Water Gun--Mt. Moon (turn left when you enter)
TM13--Ice Beam--Celadon Store (top floor, buy drink on same floor for the girl)
TM14--Blizzard--Cinnabar Island (Mew Lab)
TM15--Hyper Beam--Celadon slot game
TM16--Pay Day--Route 12 (south of Lavender, Surf needed)
TM17--Submission--Celadon Store ($3000)
TM18--Counter--Celadon Store
TM19--Seismic Toss--Route 25 (path to Bill)
TM20--Rage--Route 15 (right of Fuchsia City)
TM21--Mega Drain--Celadon City gym
TM22--Solar Beam--Cinnabar Island (Mew Lab)
TM23--Dragon Rage--Celadon City slot game
TM24--Thunderbolt--Vermillion City gym
TM25--Thunder--Power Plant (room with white boxes)
TM26--Earthquake--Saffron City's Silph Co. (10th floor)
TM27--Fissure--Viridian City gym
TM28--Dig--Cerulean City
TM29--Psychic--Saffron City (lower-right house)
TM31--Mimic--Saffron City (upper left house)
TM32--Double Team--Celadon Store ($1000)
TM33--Reflect--Celadon Store ($1000)
TM34--Bide--Pewter City gym
TM35--Metronome--Cinnabar Island (fossil lab)
TM36--Self-Destruct--Saffron City's Silph Co. (2nd floor, upper-left room)
TM37--Egg Bomb--Celadon Store ($2000)
TM38--Fire Blast--Cinnabar Island gym
TM39--Swift--Route 12 (south of Lavender, lookout tower)
TM40--Skull Bash--Safari Zone
TM41--Softboiled--Celadon City (need surf)
TM42--Dream Eater--Viridian City
TM43--Sky Attack--Victory Road
TM44--Rest--S.S. Anne
TM45--Thunder Wave--Route 24 (path to Bill)
TM46--Psywave--Saffron City gym
TM47--Explosion--Victory Road
TM48--Rock Slide--Celadon Store (top floor)
TM49--Tri Attack--Celadon Store (top floor)
TM50--Substitute--Celadon City slot game

HM01--Cut--Get it on the S.S. Anne, when you meet the captain.
HM02--Fly--A very useful HM; get it west of Celadon City, at the beginning of Route 16
HM03--Surf--Get at the end of the Safari Zone, in Fuchsia City
HM04--Strength--Get this in Fuchsia City, after finding the guy's gold teeth.
HM05--Flash--Not a very useful item; teach it to a dumb pokemon if you can; get it on Route 2, after Diglet's Cave