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Welcome !!!


Hello and welcome to my NEW webpage!
Hello, my name is Dustin R. And I'll be your tour guide today -- *flashes a smile* -- This is a webpage I made that is about the best cartoon, game, anime, everything -- OF COURSE I'M TALKIN' BOUT' Pokémon! So have fun and find out some neat things, or just act friggin stupid on this site! INFO ON ME: I'll only take a sec -- *sucks in a bunch of air* I live in Florida, I am in 8th grade, I love Pokémon, I am 11 years old, Charizard is the main mascot on this webpage and I hope you guys have a great time with the site, so thank you for coming, I have to go now, AND BYE! *PUFF PUFF* *lets out air*


BTW, I AM SORRY ABOUT THE TRIPOD.COM POP-UP WINDOW. I can't do anything about it for now!





Charizard - 7/22

WOW!  I'm getting a lot of updates!  ^_^  Anywayz' I updated the Future of Pokémon section a WHOLE lot!  I got a lot of new stuff.  Hope this keeps you satisfied a while because I  might not do updates for a while!

Updates: Updated the Future Section

Charizard - 7/23

I updated the Lyrics!  You can now find some new songs like the Salon Rocké Motto and the Japanese song (IN JAPANESE!)  Wow!  I got a lot of updates!  Hope you're happy now!  :)

Updates: Updated the Lyrics Section

Charizard - 7/24

GOD!  I'm getting so many updates!  I put up the links section and added a couple links and I also put up a new Pokémon Article!  It's about Pokémon Jets!  Go Check it out here.

Updates: Made Two New Sections!

Charizard - 7/25

I got the new layout and stuff.  Hope ya' like it!  I also updated the frames with all the new stuff.  I got new affiliates.  Not much to say except that I got a new NEWS layout with only one  table.  I probably won't update for a couple days so I hope these updates keep ya' happy!  Laterz!

Updates: Updated Frames and added new Layout!

Charizard - 7/26

WOW!  It took me a friggin LONG time but I did it!  I added a new frames thingy.  Hope you like it.  Please email me if you don't like it and add your comments!  It took me TWO days to make a new frames, but, I DID IT!  YAY!  

Updates: New Layout on the Frames!

Charizard - 7/27

I updated the Trainers section.  Also, I will probably be adding a new Pokémon for the Who's that Pokémon Quiz soon, so keep checking back there.  See ya!

Updates: Updated the Trainers Section and added a new name.

Charizard - 7/28

I found the Pokémon Music video preview!  I have seen it before but I also found it at The Pokémon Times and got you a link so you may view also!  Only thing is you must have Real Player to run it!  Click here to play it!

Updates: Updated Who's that Pokémon Quiz!

Charizard - 7/29

WOOHOOO!!!  ^_^  I got the 2.B.A. Master TAPE!!!   It is actually pretty stupid but I guess it is ok.  Some songs are fairly addicting. :) I might put up my own samples of the tape myself of ALL the songs but probably not!  See ya guys.  Gonna listen to the rest of the tape!

Updates: None yet

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This page is not copyrighted but if you take any pictures or information off my site please credit me in some way or make a link to my page. Thank you. Also, Pokémon, Pikachu, Charizard, Gamefreak, and Nintendo are all copyrighted and are a trademark of Nintendo! And whatever happens to your computer when you run the emulator is not my fault becuase I just warned you! And you MUST delete the ROMs 24 hours after use!