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2.B.A. Master Article


This is the Front coverThere's a new Pokémon CD coming to stores soon. It comes out in June 29th, 1999. To learn more information about the CD go to or just look below from words off their site. (From: and!)

Pokemon Theme NEW!!! Cont. Pokémon Theme Part 2
"2.B.A Master"
Viridian City
What kind of Pokemon are you? NEW!!! Cont. What Kind Of Pokémon Are You Part 2
My best Friends
6.Everything Changes
7.The Time has Come (from Pikachu's Goodbye)
8.Pokémon (Dance Mix)
9.Double Trouble (Team Rocket)
10.Together Forever
Misty's Song
13.You can do it (If you really try)

Click on the links for samples of the music it will have on the CD. The clips aren't illegal because the are not full clips. They are only small clips from them. To run them you must have Real Audio.

Information Taken Off Their Site


This is the first North American music release for the hugely successful Pokémon sensation.   Featuring the Pokémon theme song, PokéRAP and 10 brand-new Pokémon songs.

Special Enhanced CD features the "PokéRAP" music video.

The new songs on this album will be featured on Pikachu's Jukebox, a new segment on the WB TV show, which will air 6 days a week nationally beginning September 4, 1999.

CD booklet folds out to collectable poster.

CDs include Nintendo Game Boy $15 rebate coupon.

Available in stores everywhere June 29th, 1999.

Also available in blister pack and cassette - KOC 8902