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    Hi, if you didn't notice, I will not have an episode guide on my web page because I will be affiliated with Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden and his episode guide.  But here right now are little bits of info on some of the episodes that I liked that DIDN'T make it to the  U.S.


Episode 18 - Holiday in Aopulco        

    Ash and pals arrive in the town of Aopulco, but not before encountering Team Rocket.  They have a battle, which results in a local's fishing dock being destroyed.  Team Rocket splits, while Ash, Misty, and Brock decide to help out the old man by using their Pokémon to help out in his restaurant.

    Prof. Oak and Ash's mom shows up for vacation.  They tell the group that a swimsuit contest is coming up, and if they win, they can repair the man's dock!  Team Rocket signs up as does Ash and friends.  Misty enters the stage, but Jessie and James overshadow her.  But soon, Gary's groupies enter, and make a big splash.

    Team Rocket, infuriated by this, attacks.  Gary doesn't bother to fight, so it is up to Ash to win, and once again, he does.  Soon, the winner is revealed...  Ash's mom!  They use the prize money to rebuild the dock, and Ash and his mom say goodbye.

Pokemon captured - None                           


Why this Episode didn't air:                         

Do to rating system this episode didn't pass. They would have to cut out a to BIG of portion of the episode to make it pass.  The reason why the episode didn't pass is because in the contest, James was dressed up as a girl!  As you can see in the picture below, HE REALLY LOOKS LIKE A GIRL!  That is why it didn't pass :)


Pictures (may take a while to load):           

More to come soon!