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Some Pokémon Yellow Pictures I Took

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YEA !!!

I got a new server that gives me 50 megs of webspace!!!

Oh well... Here are a couple pictures of Pokémon Yellow version that I took:

Here take the quiz!

Click here to find out who it is!

Look! Its Bulbasaur, Sandshrew, & Oddish!

Its Charmander!!! His stats are messed up but, he still looks cool!

Ohhhhhh, he is jumping up and down with joy! (I just beat Misty)!

Awwwww, he looks so cute ... : )

Yet another cute pic!

Yet another Misty Pic!

Now Here is the Team Rocket Gang!

Of course, can't forget Meowth!

The sssssssliithery sssssssnake, Ekansssssss.

The poison gas firing, Koffing!

AAAANNNNDDDD Of course... *Drumroll please...* TEAM ROCKET THEMSELVES!!!

The annoying people we like to call Team Rocket!

Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light ...

Of course we can't forget Brock!

Can you smell what the Brock is cookin'?

Is it me or does this guy seem dead? HA HA!

Grrrrr... EVIL! Notice there is only one Pokéball. It has an Eevee in it. You get Pikachu from Prof. Oak!

He looks like Cartman to me : ). Fat & Round.

Its Gary again : (

Its a Nidoran!

Its a wild Pidgey!

Man, its hard to beat Brock's Rock in the beginning without Squirtle or Bulbasaur.

Just a plain old Pokéball.

Me trying to read a Japanese sign which is nearly impossible for me!


Thanks for watching!

Have more up soon!