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I have made my own sound file.  Everyone in a game can hear it because it's sounds that come with Tribes.  They just never put it in or something.


First Download my file by right clicking on the link below and going to Save As or something.

Click here to download.

I have taken out the annoying sounds that I made because only I use the annoying stuff.  I like to be annoying.  ^_^


1.   Now go into your Tribes folder and then into Config.  Put the file in that directory. 
2.   Then go into your autoexec.cs and put this under exec("presto\\Install.cs"); if you have Presto installed.  If not, just put it at the top somewhere!

Put in this:


3.  Save and then run Tribes.  You then have new sounds.  Test em' out!  Most of the new ones are in Global.  Go to Planet Tribes for all the sounds that are in Tribes!